Drum & Bass Wolfen Technologies - Foreign Frequencies EP

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    Wolfen Technologies ( Tom Chant ) is proud to finally present to you: 'Foreign Frequencies'.

    Featuring Organic minimalistic half time DnB grooves, this glitched up psychedelic release doesn't fall far from down-tempo in style but gives something fresh and exciting to the table.

    What better way than music, to help us propel our positive and emotional thoughts into the future, Wolfen Technologies music does just this. Tom's music helps raise awareness and collates the collective consciousness. The underground alternative music scene has never been so important as it is now. Festivals worldwide, play a big role in the tribal gathering of life. The dances that are performed by each beautiful individual are indeed, the perfect way to connect with our own inner true selves, the music and of course,the universe. If only we could all listen to natures own heartbeat which is a part of us all, we could reach bliss and ultimate relaxation in this amazing Time of change.

    Take a Walk in Nature with this Compilation and remember to breathe slowly and deeply and reflect eternally in the moment whilst embracing your external surroundings. Then allow yourself to be in absolute silence, listen to the birds and the bees. Perhaps you may even hear mothers natures call in the wind.

    released 01 January 2013
    All tracks written and produced by Tom Chant