Win Queens English 'EQ' CD album (UK Hip HOP)


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Jul 4, 2007
If you would like to be in with a chance of winning Queens English's debut album email the below with the name of their album, it's that simple!


Forget what you think you know. The foundation stone of UK Hip Hop has been rocked and broken.
Queens English blaze a trail out of South East London, steam rolling over hackneyed selfish sounds of the underground.
The new incarnation of the British Poetic consciousness is here to move and entertain you with their debut album 'EQ' on Skip Records.
Queens English are a 6 piece UK hip hop group all in their early - mid 20s consisting of 3 emcees, a seriously talented female vocalist, beatboxer and DJ.
QE aim to become the definitive act in UK hip hop history.
Renowned for their high octane performances and thoughtful lyrics, they soon recognised the need for a focused assault on the UK music scene.

'There are two schools of hip hop in London: the worthy introspective stuff that isn't very interesting; and the grime side, which is less polished but has a lot more spunk.
They straddle it.
"[/I] Michael Hodges TIMEOUT

"If The Streets are the streets, Queens English are The Royal Mile." 4 MUSIC

"Nice smooth female soul vocal choruses - reminds me of the act Spooks that were on Sony a few years back. Also good production sounds too"
Jaimie Caring MTV


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