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Oct 13, 2011
I am 19yo and my schedule has recently cleared up. During this time I'd like to try something new, something challenging, and rewarding. I've decided I'd like to pursue music. I like to pursue music and start producing EDM ranging from DnB,Dubstep,House, etc. I have no musical background and I have recently enrolled myself in piano lessons as it is an instrument I've always wanted to learn.
Now this all leads to the simple "Where do I start"? The only things I'm working with is a MacBook Pro, some headphones, and speakers. I have messed around with GarageBand, and FL Studio (on an old computer I no longer have) but I'd like to get more in depth with music production. I came to the forums since it seemed like a logical way to start. I have been listening to DnB for a few years now and it has moved and inspired me to pursue music in general as a hobby. Any tips, or help would be greatly appreciated.
FL is quite powerfull and you should be able to make dance music on that.
Just follow tutorials on you tube for FL.
job done.
I would if I could, I mean it seemed like it could do a lot, but that computer is gone and I had got my laptop as a present, so no longer have FL Studio.
If you run Windows via bootcamp you can get/use FL Studio again if you really felt comfortable with it. There are a other daws you could try though, don't listen to what anyone says about each being easiest or the right one though, as they are all about the same and each have specific advantages/disadvantages. I would recommend downloading demos of the programs and seeing which you like more. Also, not mandatory but I'd recommend it, it helps a lot if you have some sort of midi keyboard controller (even if you don't know how to play it).

I personally use Logic and recommend it if you are becoming very comfortable with Garageband as it is like a more grown up fully featured version. Having said this I'd still recommend you try demos before making a choice.

Also, learning production takes time and (in most cases) money so it takes quite a bit of dedication, just as a warning going in. Once you get going I recommend YouTube, Audio.tutsplus.com, this and other production board, and the forum for whatever DAW you decide to go with for help in learning the essentials and even other things.

Good luck man! Most of us here are more than willing to help as long as you aren't asking us to do the work for ya
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I started on Fruity Loops, there wasnt really a reason why, ti's jsut what I chose first and it stuck. Like stated above, if you want to run FL on a mac u either need bootcamp or parallels with windows installed.

Once that is done, get urself some decent monitor speakers, i use shure 750DJ and i love them (they run around $130-$150). Midi keyboards are nice, just make sure u get one new cause ive had terrible luck with used midis

The last part is the most boring but essential: hit up youtube and slave over tuts and vids on production. Research good synthesizers like Massive or Zeta or Sylenth and choose 1 or all to get your synths going. Slave over more vids. Trial and error on your daw, practice practice practice. just keep doing repetitions and get at it.

I like to think making edm isnt formulaic, although it can be. Try not to work on your music like that. Find your own style and just keep doing what you like on your daw!!

Thank you so much for the support and advice, I now have a starting point. Since I am using a Mac and have messed around with Garageband a bit, I would like to try Logic, but there doesn't seem to be a demo, but the price has dropped significantly on the app store, so something I am not counting out. So, I did what was mentioned above, and downloaded a demo of Ableton.

Now about the synthesizers, may anyone get more in depth with this, since I am completely new to this. I will also be looking into some better monitors and a midi. Again, thank you for all the advice.
You've got a mac, so purchase Logic and go to youtube for about a million amazing tutorials. Specifically, do a search for SFLogic Ninja–that guy is in a class of his own in terms of knowledge.
Thats what I was thinking, if I have a Mac, might as well use Logic, thank you for the tip! I will definitely look into that, the demo for Ableton is going well but I have heard so much about Logic being a "grown up" version of Garageband, and I used Garageband for a little, that it would seem like the next step.
Get yourself a copy of logic and a small midi keyboard probably.

If you've got ok headphones/monitors then work with them but if you dont get yourself some monitors asap.

Other than that just have a play around and try get in the studio with people who know what theyre doing as you should pick things up much quicker.
The demo for Ableton is quite a lot to take in at first, I wished there was a demo for Logic but I guess that would kinda be Garageband being a Logic Lite. Working on getting a midi still and going to purchase and download Logic off the app store. Any more pointers to help with a noob?
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Grab a copy of logic.
Lock yourself in your room for a year armed with a keyboard, minifrige full of milk. Industrial sized bag of coffee and a draw full of smokes.
Come out a pro.

But nah really, I'd say grab Logic or Cubase and just play about. Don't aim to come out with the next best thing straight away, youll be dissopointed, unless your a genius. Just be prepared for a long long ride with many ups and downs. But a great ride of course, all the ups out weigh the downs.

YouTube and your own curiosity are your friend here. Theres no set way of doing anything is music.
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