When ideas are there, but not here


Mar 1, 2011
Hey, I was thinking what is your guys' approach when you simply lack specific ideas to make a tune? I mean, when you have given it fresh ears, and it still does not ring a bell? I feel a lot like there is something I feel misses, but I can't really grasp how to add it. Simply like, "this song needs more *boom* or needs to be wider..." - but you just don't know how to give it that feel.

Anyone has an approach on this problem? If I just leave the projects behind for more than a week I usually forget them and never really open them again.

If I'm usually stuck on a certain aspect I'll just move on and come back to it. Not from the tune.. but to a different aspect of it. e.g. i'll move on to the intro if I can't come up with a bass for the life of me. Usually I just have a better idea of what I want once I've filled the whole idea out a bit more. But if it's a case of " I know what to do but I just don't know how " i'll usually google it :slick:
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