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I just found this forum earlier today while I was looking for a track from Metronome called Warning (on the Renk label). I am not a DJ or anything like that, but I like a broad range of music which includes drum n' bass. I live in NJ (USA) and it seems like we are and always have been closed minded with the music that we prefer to listen to. I was introduced to the world of d n' b back in 1993 when my next door neighbor (who was and may still be a DJ) let me listen to Speed Limit 140 BPM+ Vol. 1 in his attic. I was immediately hooked. I have been listening to d n" b ever since, however, it is not that popular here in NJ. There were three radio stations that I used to get with my old Sony dial receiver that had long d n" b sessions. Unfortunately one by one they disappeared and now I got nothing. I am not really computer savvy so I have yet to discover internet radio; perhaps that is my salvation. I saw 1992s (screen name of a member on here) LTJ Bukem thread and if I have time (my computer is really slow loading things) tomorrow after work, I will listen to that set. I hope that I have something to offer you guys, but looking at what you got, I probably don't have anything that you don't have. Most of my stuff is on cassette tape anyways. Gotta go, I'll try to post often. Peace!!!!