Whats acceptable for playing in clubs?

mr meh

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So when cd decks first hit the scene they got pretty frowned upon, now every club has those Pioneer cdj's these days. But what if you rocked up to play with no cd's, but instead had all your tunes on a couple of usb pens and used them instead of cd's? Would you get all the moaning cunts saying your not djing properly?

And also what if you came to play but brought your own equipment, like a laptop with Traktor and a midi controller, would the club allow that? And wouldnt the moaning cunts start crying about it?


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usb/cds is no difference really, your still mixing the tune.. although some pioneers dont have the usb slots.

guess it all depends on the club and what they want really..
I reckon if you just turn up with different kit and havent warned them they might be "moany cunts" too you. People dont exactly love surprises or change. You need to keep the sound guy happy really if you ask me. If you are reasonible with them and keep them infomed they will normally be reasonible with you and try and help you make your set sound they best the can. Whoever is getting you to play the set be it a promotor or a mate doing a night, get them to find out for you if you can use Usb's or bring a laptop etc.

If you do want to do something that isnt the "standard" for the club its probs best if you turn up alittle early and explain whats going on with your kit to the sound engineer, and check they are happy with it. If they do have a problem with it ask why and it will either come down to a valid reason or the fact they just cant be arsed.