WhatCast029 [SubMarine]


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Dec 1, 2013
SubMarine is a producer hailing from Cologne, Germany who first caught our attention with a track he uploaded to his SoundCloud called 'Escaflowne'. It was a rip from J:Kenzo's show on Rinse FM but SubMarine's list of supporters doesn't end there - the likes of Noisia, dBridge, Skeptical and Ivy Lab have also been paying attention.

Recent releases include his track 'Void' on Demand's 'Selects #2' EP as well a collaboration with Shield on 20/20 LDN, so what better time to grab the talented DJ for a mix.

SubMarine's addition to the WhatCast series includes a few dubs as well as music from the likes of SCAR, Calibre, Indigo, DBR UK, Thing and many more.


Trifonic – Lies (M-Zine, Scepticz & NDM Bootleg)
Gremlinz – Forlorn
Atiq – Sonorous (Red Army Remix)
SCAR – Treading Water
Loxy & Resound – Anomaly
J. Robinson and Knowledge – Untitled
Interline – Decay
Neurosplit – Apatia
Blu Mar Ten – In Your Eyes (Ulterior Motive Remix)
Cern – Nostromo
DBR UK – Paranoia
ST Files – Hard Times
Calibre – Trip It
Tyrone – Behemoth
Kodo – The Jackal
Signal & Disprove – Vanguard
Shiver – Fragmented
??? - ???
Indigo – Volta
Thing – Transfer Dub
Resound - Valkyrie
??? - ???

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