DnB What Time It Is / Summer Haze


Apr 13, 2020
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'What Time It Is' is single from my forthcoming jungle album 'Jungle Technology'. Both of these tracks are melodic ragga jungle, but don't get it twisted when it comes to melodies - they are not electronica- or jazz-styled, but instead nifty hardcore stabs and lush jungle chords.

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I have always loved jungle chords, but haven't really made much jungle tunes with them... So now is the time to go full on with chords.

In the middle part of 'What Time It Is' there is galactic space journey, where jungle chords are taken into advanced level. Despite the track's melodicness, there's that jungle roughness. 'Summer Haze' is summer haziness as the name suggests, but there's also that jungle danger and roughness. Uplifting music, but with slight bittersweetness to color the vibe.

I'm aiming to release 'Jungle Technology' album in August. The vibe will be quite much same like in these two tracks, and I have seen effort in album entity's story and theme!
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