For Sale What Should We Notice in Graphite Flotation

Natural graphite has good buoyancy.We usually select graphite by flotation method. But there has several points we should notice in graphite flotation:
1. First, we should make clear about graphite types.Graphite can be divided into flaky graphite and amorphous graphite.Especially flaky graphite has better buoyancy and its grade can reach 90% after flotation.
2. Protect big flakes in flotation.Big flake has wide application and high value and is a rare resource.Big flake means +50 mesh,+80 mesh, and +100 mesh. To protect big flakes,we should use repeatedly grinding and flotation method.
3. The grade of the finish products is very high. For example, the pencil graphite grade should be 89%-98%.So it requires many times of fine selection.