What kind of drum and bass do I like?

Ok so that's perhaps a bit of an abstract question, let me explain. I've been listening to oldskool hardcore (mainly 91-94) for well over 10 years. Over this time I've dipped my toes into dnb a very small amount. Some tunes have really grabbed me but I seem very fussy!

Lately I'm becoming bored of the oldskool and looking to branch out into more dnb, so I've put the sets I do have on my mp3 player but quickly become tired of these... So I just downloaded a bunch of random sets from here and other sites, sadly none seem to float my boat, so rather than stabbing in the dark I need to find out the 'style' of dnb which I'm into and which artists/mixes etc you guys would suggest... here goes...

Bukem - virtually every tune he's done and every set I have of his I think is fantastic. The same goes for Good Looking but sometimes its too mellow. There's a Bukem @ Club Prive or something 2006 set which I love to bits. The closest I can find to a tracklisting:
01. ??? - ??? (???)
02. Calibre - Carry Me Away (Signature Records)
03. Calibre - Tanner (Good Looking Records Dub)
04. Calibre - Mr. Right On (Signature Records)
05. Physics - Invisible Spaces (Phuzion Records Dub)
06. Muffler - I Go (Commercial Suicide)
07. ??? - ??? (???)
08. Greg Packer - Organ Tune (Good Looking Records)
09. Atlantic Connection - Brazil (Good Looking Records Dub)

Physics Invisible Spaces is a straight 10/10 for me. So much so I tracked it down on wax :D

Probably cos it's on an oldskool tip but everything on here I rate (another slab of wax I own lol)
These two too:

Not sure if this explains it well enough, in essence it's all about a decent rolling beat - be that light and sort of liquid or be that very dark and twisted!

I don't like anything too slow or any form of dubstep/wobble etc. Anything with Mc's/loads of talking - the odd vox here and there but not all the time.

I've got quite a few liquid sets but most of them are a bit too mellow for me.

Erm yeah probably a confusing ramble, so feel free to categorise me lol and suggest artists and mixes I might like to broaden my tastes (looking at this I realise most of what I class as 'new dnb' to you lot is probably seriously oldskool lol).


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Another example:

yeah it's 10 years old o_O still remember being handed it by Blackmarket when I was at uni :D

And another: Origin UK Mix by Ray Keith (August 2010).
Kicked off with a tune called 'Don't Get Me Wrong ft Shaysoft?!' I got the don't get me wrong big but I couldn't find 'shaysoft' on discogs. He said it was new so I'm guessing it came out late 2010?

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This is the RK mix - the rest of it is pretty decent actually :D


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Here's something cool. Go on last fm and type an artist you know you like (in your case calibre/bukem) and go on the radio