What is a 6AM/4AM Mix?

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by Saftstein, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Always wondered what those kind of 6AM or 4AM remixes supposed to mean? I don't see them frequently, more occasionally but what do they actually mean?

    Like are you supposed to listen to them at 6AM or are you supposed to play this mix at an afterhour?
    I mean i kind of get this vibe. those mixes always sound a bit dreamy, they kind of have this feeling when you are walking around at 6am, no matter if you came from a party or if you just woke up. It has this sun is going to rise in a few minutes vibe. But maybe i'm completely wrong about that, lel

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    Wellington, NZ
    I always figured it was like a 'lighter' mix - something less aggressive that would go down better at the end of the night than the 'peak time' mix.

    sidenote: I used to thrash the original of Gone...that switch!!!
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    Yeah, I think the vibe they're going for is how you described. I still need to buy Gone/Airlock on wax
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    2 am mix = Powder your nose and chuck a shoe time with THE 2 AM MIX.

    4 am mix = You've got that last little drop of beer left in the can. Sweating your tits off while giving everyone the bassface. You are a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and nothing is going to stop you. You have come this far its time to separate the men from the boys with THE 4 AM MIX.

    6 am mix = You are now KennyKen. Sheer powered by fairydust left in your system with the smell of sick and booze all around you every minute is now your last so its time to reach for the stars and give what bit of energy you have for THE 6 AM MIX.
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