What do you need to improve the studio? Suggestions for everybody

Hi all,
what’s next step to improve my level in music production?
The acoustic in the room is treated. Some bass trap and some acoustic panel in the side and ceiling.
I have an Arturia Minibrute Routing inside a Traktor 6 Audio interface.
2 Reloop 7000 + 1 mixer reloop 4 channel (these are for Djing but also goods for sampling old vinyls).
2 ADAM F7 as monitor speakers.

What will you buy for improve the level of your music?
Better audio interface? I know that the traktor one isn’t the best for music production, but I would like to know if I change my Audio interface which could be the benefits if I don’t record from external source? Can I have improvements also in the DAW?

I don’t have any subwoofer but I don’t think can give me some great improvements.
I think an external compressor or a “Maximizer” to routing everything inside it and record the output maybe of final stages of tracks can give me some great harmonics.

What do you think? What is your suggestion? What is the thing after you own it had improved your music production in your studio?

For me was for sure the acoustic treatment and a good pair of monitor. And to not forget the place where you make music must be comfortable for you, so create your own environment!

Leave your suggestions for everybody!


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If I had that much stuff, I don't think I'd need anything else in terms of gear.

Lessons/masterclasses or courses you could get
Or you could buy some toys you don't really need like hardware synths or MIDI controllers to make your music making more interesting.