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Before I begin I should start by saying we are a newly established production duo from West Yorkshire in the UK. If you don't live within a 50 mile radius of Leeds or are not able to travel this far, it's probably advisable you stop reading now.

I myself have been an amateur DJ for over 5 years now. I have never played a genre related gig, which is a well written term for saying I've played weddings/birthdays. Despite this, I have put many of my sets online, and have made experienced friends in the industry that are performing live on a regular basis, be it online radio or club nights. I have also been producing for a couple of years now, and have tried my hand at everything Electronic, and like to think I improve ever so slightly with every new song.

My partner is an open-minded female, who does admit she is somewhat less experienced but willing to learn. She lives quite a few miles away from me but we are in regular conversation about this project and are both very keen to get it going ASAP, circumstances permitting.

Our vision is to create a production team, who specialise in Drum & Bass but also delve into other genres such as House and Trance. Whilst remaining innovative, we will incorporate the past into our music, adding some classic funk, disco and punk in there every now and then. On the side, we will DJ, and this will include music from many genres.

I personally feel that the recruitment of at least one other person is required to make this vision a success. That member would ideally be young like ourselves (we are 17 and 16). They must have a passion for what we're doing here, and they must take it seriously like we do. That being said, we would still be having a good time. That's it. You don't need to have years of experience behind sound desks or anything, I'm not even starting my A-Levels in Music Technology until September.

There's no pressure; even though we take it seriously, we are still laidback and fun-loving kids at heart. We don't even have a name or an image or style yet, we're waiting for the moment to be right.

If you think you might be what we're looking for, get in touch on here or email me at cyberneticsjack@yahoo.co.uk

Looking forward to the response.