we are looking for a few good djs !!!!

well here is your chance.....

doodmonkey radio is a new radio station, started by a few kats that were bored @ work and just playin, well the station has developed into much of a good thing over the year or so.. and we finally wanna start giving djs weekly / monthly live shows.. the difference about our station from other stations is this.. we are all genre, mainly hip hop, some dnb, we are looking for all variations of djs from house, garage, u name it we want you...

u must be atleast able to beat match, and have a good knowledge of being a dj, such as turntables, you must have a computer and have a broadband connection... not too worried about anything else.. oh yeah and reliable is a main key factor !!

anyways we wanna help you promote your self as a growing artist and what better way than to show ur shit and give your self on outlet !!!!

what you get if you do a show on the station
and a weekly live show to broadcast to your friends and family

anyways to cut off all this talk.. and if your really serious and down to make shit happen... hit us up with an email with a description of your self, what your motive is, and what you play..so hit us up
tags@phillyelement.com or www.doodmonkeyradio.com

so yeah...
hope to hear from some of you very soon