WB010 Submorphics-Postmodern Soul EP (Westbay Music)


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May 4, 2010


Submorphics is Chicago-based producer and lifetime musician Greg Axelrad. Originally a duo
consisting of Greg and longtime friend Ryan Lolas, late 2006 saw Greg taking full control over the project as a solo artist.

Drawing on influences such as soul, rare groove, jazz, hip hop, 70s rock, deep house and film soundtracks, Submorphics' eclectic musical DnB output has received widespread global support from artists such as Makoto, High Contrast, LTJ Bukem, Marky, Danny Byrd, Big Bud, Alix Perez, Nookie and many more.

*The EP’s first track, Revelations, begins with a moving sample from Dr. Martin Luther King, and a jazzy build that will draw you in until the emotive drop gets you to your feet. The tracks horns and funky bassline pay a lovely homage to the jazz classics of long ago. LISTEN HERE

*The title track, Post Modern Soul, starts off with a running breakbeat with some killer momentum, that breaks into a lush, soulful number that just won’t relent with it’s smooth rhythms and killer sample work. As the sample says, you won’t ever want to leave this one alone! LISTEN HERE

*The third track of the set, Can’t Understand, sees Submorphics venture into 140 bpm territory, and those who are fans of the deep dubstep sound will certainly hope this will not be the last time Submorphics drops the tempo. Infectious percussion and warm melodic synths vibe, and all is well with the world... LISTEN HERE

*The final track is entitled Don’t Remind Me, and rounds out the EP with a relaxing downtempo gem featuring vocalist Christina Tamayo. The bittersweet sounds will draw the listener towards calm and thought, and showcases the diversity of Submorphics’ artistry.LISTEN HERE

The release provides a unique and inspiring listening experience for the listener, DJ, and the dancefloor alike! Available at reputable retailers Nov. 15th!


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