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Wayside Recordings[WSFR002] - Implant - DIE DISCO DIE !FREE!

yet another great! FREE! release brought to you by all of us @ Wayside Recording's
special thanx to IMPLANT!

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The God himself,the inventor of steel,fire,wheel and eatable panties.He was sent on Earth to kill all dinosaurs and start a life of humans and robots.After his son Jesus was killed in a car accident he started on a new project called Hitler.But when that went wrong he quit and started a music career.He wasn't good enough so he decided to sabotage music industry by sending one of his butlers to kill John Lennon.That didn't help so he called for his friends from planet called "Chichipapaya" to help him with his new toaster and destroying music industry.His friends formed band called "New kids on the block" which was a succsessfull project.After that he went on holidays for few years so he can get his chips togheter.Than he heard some rumors that his son Jesus is maybe live and that he hangs out with Elvis....which was a big disapointment for him cuz he is the one that overeated Elvis.Than he found out that his other son Kurt Cobain was intergalactic gay.He managed to talk him into looking in a shootgun...everybody knows how that ended.Now he is exploring the life of bums by sleeping with them
next to garbage cans under a pile of newspaper and begging people for a dollar so he can buy himself a bottle of whisky