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    Oct 22, 2013
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    Hey everyone, I'm a year and a half experienced producer and I currently go by the name of Honda Civic. If you're wondering why I'm using that as my alias it's because of some stupid joke my friends and I came up with which led to this.


    I'm a 14 year old asian kid living down under down south and I've been trying to make dnb and dubstep in the past few years, although now I've kinda left dubstep behind and I'm just focusing on dnb and garage. Alot of my inspiration/influence comes from guys like M Beat, Mistabishi, Danny Byrd and Rusko(By which I mean the stuff he released before he came up with O.M.G) so yeah those are pretty much my favourite artists.

    If you guys would be kind enough to do so, check out my latest track and give me some feedback? I'm pretty weak at the whole mixing and mastering mojo so I hope this community is gonna help me heaps :)