Warm Communications Promo Mix Nov '13

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    A new promo mixed by EHL ahead of Warm Communications upcoming release:

    A. A Break From Ritual
    AA. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
    Out this next monday December 2, 2013 on 12" & Digital formats

    *Preorders here: http://www.surus.co.uk/Warm-Communications/A-Break-From-Ritual-23589.aspx

    As always a mix of past, present and forthcoming bits we are and have enjoyed. Hope you all do as well!



    Naibu - Just Like You [Horizons]
    Rockwell - The Rain [Shogun Audio]
    Hydro, War & Mateba - Entropy [Dispatch
    Overlook - Glass [Samurai Music]
    Stray - The Pursuit [ Warm Communications]
    Overlook - Three Shards [Narratives Music]
    Paradox - Scorpius [Samurai Red Seal]
    Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz - Ruff Age VIP [Architecture]
    Seba - What's Your Fantasy [Secret Operations]
    Reza & Gremlinz - Thaw [31]
    Unknown - Unknown [Warm Communications]
    Jon Convex - With You (Kid Drama Remix) [Convex Industries]
    Kid Drama - What Do You See [Exit]
    Synth Sense - Trapped Within The Circuit [Auxiliary]
    SB81 - Dancer In The Dark [Metalheadz]
    Moresounds - Blood [Astrophonica]
    Unkown - Unknown [Warm Communications]
    Mako - What A Little Moonlight Can Do [Warm Communications]