Walkingstick World Records 001! new jungle vinyl!!!

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    Available now!!!
    killer jungle tunes + a downtempo chill tune!!!

    Walkingstick World Records 001/Stay Connected

    this side (45 rpm):
    *Revival - produced by Walkingstick
    clip: http://www.maliciousbliss.net/djws/RevivalClip.mp3

    *Message 1 - spoken by Walkingstick
    (no clip available)

    that side (33 1/3 rpm):

    *Root Sounds - produced by Sky-D
    clip: http://www.maliciousbliss.net/djws/Root SoundsClip.mp3

    - produced by JQuest
    clip: http://www.maliciousbliss.net/djws/ElixirClip.mp3

    Executive Producer: B.Burgess/Walkingstick - San Francisco, CA.
    Mixing: J.Cerimeli/Pailo @ outofthebag studios - Pittsburgh, PA.
    Artwork: R.Nau @ coresampledesign.com - Washington D.C.
    Sky-D appears courtesy of Judgement of the Lions – Vevey, Switzerland....JQuest appears courtesy of johnquest.com – N.E. Ohio

    12", green vinyl. only 500 copies!
    Paypal is accepted! prices are in US dollars.
    SF peeps holla at me n i'll knock a couple of bux off of the posted price!

    USA 5-10 days -

    1 item = $9.99 + $3.99(s+h)
    2 items = 18.99 + 4.99(s+h)

    Canada and Mexico 7-10 days -
    1 item = $9.99 + $4.99(s+h)
    2 items = 18.99 + $5.99(s+h)

    Other International 7-10 days -
    1 item = $9.99 + $10.99(s+h)
    2 items = 18.99 + $12.99(s+h)
    send paypal payments to brian@djwalkingstick.com

    WWR 001 is the first release on Walkingstick's new label, and is available now! "Stay Connected" is the culmination of many people's hard work, domestically as well as internationally. This teamwork will set the theme for future releases as Walkingstick looks to connect with as well as work with people from all over the globe, exposing new artists and working with old friends, releasing various styles of music. Power to the People!!!

    Walkingstick's "Revival" is a wicked jungle remix sampling Isaac Hayes' "The Look of Love". This tune is sure to spark a frenzy and a joint on the dancefloor. This is some pimped-out classic jungle. Crush em with this one!

    Sky-D's "Root Sounds"
    is a classic ragga-style tune that you must have! This tune samples Bounty Killa, Tony Curtis And Jigsy King as well as Da Ville!!! Jam-packed full of that fuzzy, warm, jungle goodness that you have come to love so much. Don't sleep on dis action!!! BOH!!!

    Elixir is the creation of JQuest. This tune makes a killer opening for any DnB/Jungle set. It's chilled-out, downtempo feel brings the whole WWR001 release into perspective. Get blazed n feel it!

    Message 1....well yr just gonna have to buy the vinyl to hear it yrself!

    You can hit me up via email if you'd like to pick up this release, brian@djwalkingstick.com, or AIM: stickdatwalks
    Paypal is accepted! (send payments to brian@djwalkingstick.com)
    If you'd like to buy a large quantity, hit me up and we will work out the appropriate price.

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    Revival is a quality tune!!!

    :love: green vinyl!
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    Jan 22, 2006
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    thanx man! im glad yr feeling it!!! if you know anybody with a vinyl shop, tell em to check it out, id love to get some in yr local stores.