VST's and the right bassline


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Sep 3, 2008
Alrighty just recently I have emerged into production and I must say it's quite addicting. Im learning how to master fruity loops and I've gotten some good drum beats out of it, but of course there is still room for a lot of improvement.

Anyways, I'm looking to work on bass now and I've been messing around 3xOsc a bit, although I haven't managed to get anything out of it yet. On the other hand, I went on to malstrom on reason and managed to get some nicer things.

I think malstrom is enough to produce a nice wobble but I am currently more turned on by liquid, so I could use some help in there. What's the best VST to get a nice liquid bassline in the likes of Logistics / Brookes Brothers / Sigma / Nu:Tone etc

You know, the more "dancefloor" kind of liquid
Stick with the 3x Osc, it has everything you need, you just need to figure out how to use it to it's potential. You can easily find loads of tutorials on it on youtube etc. what waves to use and combinations
nothing special mate :twisted:

PLUGIN tab (main pitch = -36 octaves, osc1 = square, osc2=none, osc3=none)

INS tab (Envelope: Volume (A=0 H=0 D=30-40% S=15-20% R=0) Filter: Fast LP modx = 20%)

3xosc into fx channel (Insert 1)

insert 1
set low frequency to 86Hz , set low gain to 0dB, mute mid controls, mute high controls.
use this to beef it up slightly, do not distort the signal heavily though
(no high end crunching)


as in...


You're Welcome

Thanks for the brookes brothers clip. Not seen that one. Might go look up the rest. Always good to see different peoples' methods.
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