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    So for a while now I've been wanting to add some vocals to my tracks. Mostly looking for some nice female vocals to fit with liquid dnb. Been downloading various packs and stuff and listening through them. Not much of them seem usable or fit my needs though. I've tried adding and processing them a couple of times and just always end up failing. Nothing ever seems to fit or sound good. This is really frustrating and I just end up using none.

    So yeah... I don't really even know how to ask this. Basically how did you guys approach vocals when you started producing? Or even now. I know it all depends on the track etc but I have no idea where to even start really.
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    Work with vocalists and other producers who work with vocalists...most vocals you will find on the internet have been done to death.

    If you just want to chop and slice, just keep practicing and experimenting. As far as vocal chopping goes, patience is key!
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    I chop up all my vocals and sometimes just get lucky and they fit perfect. if you wanna go down the sampling root just grab some accapella packs and practice as strife said. Usually i'd have at least a 16 bar loop with an intro before i bring in any vocals. From there i just see what fits, if it doesn't fit straight away (not timing wise) then i just delete and try something else. it's quite fun to pitch down a female vocal about 5 notes so they sound like a man, sounds real good sometimes.
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