Versus 04...proper jokes!

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by lokki, Sep 2, 2004.

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    Oct 7, 2002
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    anyone reach this at the weekend?

    big up to mr JTek! nuff jokes!

    anyways although musically it was a bit poo it was pure jokes due to nuff 'loose women' in hot pants, free stella (yes we had back stage passes) and free curry! oh my gosh!

    leeroy thornhill (dancer from the prodge) played a wicked set of breaks takin in all the old skool prodge stuff check the photos in the next issue of context mag! and up on the site!

    proper bo!

    the last thing i remember was hasslin fabio to mention us on air! haha! fair play for him being patient with a drunken fool!

    that event was not one for the train spotters as all tunes were old but definately for those that like to parteeee! wikkidness!