Various Artists-`2012 Atmospheric Summer Sampler`

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    Plush Recordings presents...

    Various Artists - 2012 Atmospheric Summer Sampler

    A great compilation album from some talented artists. Featuring a wide range
    of different styles of drum and bass all with a touch of good summer vibes.

    LABEL: Plush Recordings
    ARTIST: Various Artists
    TITLE: 2012 Atmospheric Summer Sampler
    GENRE: Atmospheric/Intelligent Dnb / Drum and Bass / Drum and Bass
    CAT: PLUSH050D
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-07-30
    TRACKS: 9

    Self Definition - Fusion (Original Mix)
    Venture - Hard To Get (Original Mix)
    Cosmology - Theres a Saying (Original Mix)
    Skyweep, Sunset Cafe, Katie Epworth - Light of Day (Mage Remix)
    360 joYnt - Magnetic Forces (Original Mix)
    Self Definition - Lost Land (Original Mix)
    Mind Vortex - That Good Feelin (Original Mix)
    Blueprint - Lost Notes (Stunna`s Found Notes Remix)
    Paperclip - In My Dreams (Original Mix)

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