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Fat Boy Slim “The Greatest Hits Remixed” Skint
The Fat Boy’s tracks have been commissioned for retouches by some of the best known names on the circuit. His music is like marmite to some, but all those sales and sweaty clubs must mean something is being done right. Some of these remixes are sought after to say the least. The Plump Dj’s remix of “Everybody Needs a 303” is still smashing it. The Chemical Brothers have reworked “Song for Shelter”. Krafty Kuts , Midfield General, Jon Carter and surprisingly even Aphrodite have a crack at their own interpretations. If you like The Fat Boy, this is a nice little celebration of his work so far, and it it ain’t arf bad guvnor.

“One Night With the Kosheen DJ’s” Godlike & Electric Records
Markee Substance and Darren Decoder have smashed up the Drum and Bass scene before a few of their side projects led to Kosheen. This mix is a sampler of where that path has led. This mix of low down underground music rocks the spot. A clever blend of dirty dark Electro and Tech House, with a sprinkling of breaks thrown in for good measure. It’s a great representation of what you’d get at a live show. The selection oozes atmosphere. Claude Von Stroke’s “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” is so expectant you will still be wanting more when Duoteque’s filthy “Lola” gets dropped.

LDZ “Living Long Ting” Dented Records
LDZ aka London Zoo are some amongst many who, at present are making the UK Hip Hop scene so damn good. It’s the down to earth and vulgar subject matter that will have this entertaining you. “Get Your Tits Aat” sees Orifice Vulgatron from the foreign Beggars drop some most offence lyrics. (Not that I would ever drive through town with the windows down blazing this track.) Equally silly is “Wawee Wah” which has Borat introducing his wives amongst other things. “Lips to Da Floor” is a micky taking parody of the grime MC. Over exaggerating the aggressive pronunciation and gangster lyrics. However in between the laughing and joking, the lads drop a few more serious verses. “Follow Me” is a ragga influenced rub, love and unity is the message. “Friday Night “ shines a glaring spotlight on UK culture today, and asks why people spend so much time worrying about their image. With over 20 tracks, there are so many flavours to savour. An impressive mix.

International Observer “Heard” Dubmission Records
Tom Baily has been on the music scene in one guise or another for a long time. Having recently worked on the Holiiwater project, and in the 80’s the Thompson Twins, Sly & Robbie, Lee Perry, Grace Jone and Foreigner. This is a real gem. Solid dub music, with a few extra influences occasionally popping through. It makes the whole thing a pleasure to hear. “Welcome” is a rolls on a deep sub and neat horn. A classic dub style if you like. “Two Steps at a time Sweet Jesus” has an almost 2 step garage breakbeat going on. Deep ambient sound effects and a rocking bass. Superb. “The International “ follows on from this with a very roots style dub. What I like about this style is that it stays true to the dub ethic, yet weaves in some new styles. One to check.

Various Artists “Black Feeling” Freestyle
This project aims to take music back to the source of the sample. Members of the bamboos , Cookin on three burners, and several other guests jam out these modern interpretations. Starting with a James Brown penned number “Honky Tonk Popcorn” played by the Pacific Rhythm Combo The track is taken right up to date, without losing the original feel. A jazz classic “The Blessing Song” by the Shirly Eubanks Ensemble gets some serious samba rework, without loosing its smooth jazz groove. “Hippy Skippy Moonstrut” has tat raw 70’s funk feel, but gets a few jazzier flavours introduced. “Ghetto Funk” by Queens Community Show Band, struts its stuff, its definitely a Blues Brother moment 2007 style. An funky concept that was funkily executed.

Uberzone “Ideology” Functional
Uberzone is the alter ego of Q, Southern Californian producer, whose album “Faith in the Future” got him noticed, to say the least. He recently mixed up a very fine compilation for Y4K / Distinctive. This album sees some serious experimentation with sound, as you will hear. “Okay” is full of mangled sound effects , twisted bass edits and mad bleeps. “4 Bit” has some great spatial modelling in the bass. Which in layman’s terms means it has an almost 3 D feel. Watch for the Hybrid remix. “Germs” starts with a cinematic feel, and then drops into mad acid style breaks. ”Inner Space” touches on the ambient, whilst “M87” goes there. Its nice to see producers thinking outside the box. This will have all the breaks and electro freaks going mad, an spot on LP.