Vapor Funk - DNB Radio - Weekly Mixes

Track list for the most recent show:

Moving Fusion - Turbulence - Original Mix
Sigma - El Presidente VIP
Lemon D feat MC Fats - Everyday
Phace - Cold Champagne
Origin Unknown - Truly One - Original Mix
Saburuko - Brooklyn Summer (Morphy Remix)
Klute - 174BPM - Original Mix
DJ Fresh - Exhale (Inhale Remix)
Culture Shock - Kronix (Original Mix)
Total Science - Soul Patrol feat. MC Conrad - Original Mix
TC feat Sub Focus - Borrowed Time VIP
Artificial Intelligence - Days Of Rage
Lomax - Artisan - Original Mix
Culture Shock - Imax (Original Mix)
Culture Shock and Brookes Brot - Smoothie
Agent Alvin - Wicked Man
Random Movement - Her Song
Eveson & Lomax - Under The Bridge
Klute - Hell Hath No Fury - Original Mix
Origin Unknown - Valley Of Ths Shadow - Long Dark Remix

Download or stream the mix here:
Vapor Funk 4/27/09
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