V/A - The Harder They Come vol.3 (RH38)


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Mar 4, 2002
V/A - The Harder They Come vol.3 (RH38)

Ok this makes for the final chapter in the Renegade Hardware annual album. I don't understand why they split their annual up into 3 EPs with 3 records, I found this to be very annoying. They probably found they can make more money by doing it this way which is lame.

To their credit I loved this annual so much I even bought the double Grooverider CD of it too. Unfortunatly Grooveriders mix is pretty piss poor, he even plays with some FX box like as if hes never used the FX box before so it sounds extremely obnoxious! Anyway were not here to talk about the Grooverider mix, were here to talk about the vol.3 vinyl pack :P

3 awesome tunes, 2 nice tunes, and 1 terrible tune. Not bad for a tripple pack! Spirit's tribute to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is the most 'Ardkore cut on the pack. Theres plenty of change ups, breakbeats, wicked sub-base, and a euphoric breakdown that will make you smile. Nothing bad to say about this track at all, it hits the spot 100%! The next awesome tune is D-Kay's "Zombie Nation". This one feels very much like a 1993 Grooverider set sellection, nice breakbeats, moody atmospherics, and well not much else. Its a very tracky tune but it really works well here represent the forboding atmosphere of the Living Dead. Also I want to add that I'm a big fan of the Zombie horror movies so this adds aspect of me adds to my own enjoyment of this track. The next awesome tune is the Calibre remix of "Need You". Its arrangement is much more exciting then the original I think unfortunatly the cool beats in the original are replaced with wack two-step beats. Still its a nicer vibe then the original. I'll deffinetly be listening to this at top volume this summer in the car.

The "ok" tune would be Loxy & Ink's "Heavy Mental". The beats are as boring and dull as they get. If the beats were any more BORING there wouldn't be any beats at all, it would be an ambient tune!!!!! The neat bits in the tune is the cheeky bouncy bass and the 1993 riff in the breakdown. Other then that this track is snore city.

The 100% shit track is Sinthetix "Dementia". Its total 1998 techstep that should not have been featured on this new school UK 'Ardkore album. To make it worse I heard Sinthetix is an American group.... As if America didn't have a bad rep with DnB already! This tune certainly doesn't help. :cry:

I'm not going to bother to review "The Harder They Come" vol.1 - 2. I will say that the tunes on them were pretty darn good and I recommend hunting them down. Vol.2 was especially good due to Dylan's "Jungle Muffin" Remix and the 1980s detroit techno sounding Tronic 100 tune. :D
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