Utku Sonmez


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Genre: Electro / Drum & Bass / Breakbeat

Utku Sonmez's Biography
Utku Sönmez has been following his passion for music and honing his talents for more than seven years. He began his DJ career at Istanbul by spinning both cd’s and vinyl for friends at private parties, and was soon filling in for a DJ at local clubs. His sound is an energetic and high-octane blend of electro, electro-house, minimal techno that creates an intense uplifting energy. He intuitively works a room with his creative mixing and programming style, playing music for the masses, as well as the most discriminating audiences. Utku has been heard at numerous venues and events. While playing events at various nightclubs, he started the transition into production and currently producing electro tracks individually. Names of not yet released electro tracks are: Philosopher Stone, Mad Morse code, Barracuda, Society Robot, Elemental,Stress Testing 21, Alice in the Wonder World and Physical Reaction.
In addition to his DJ career, he is a professional bass guitarist with a past career of 5 years where he had the chance of working with numerous well-known artists.

Utku also co-founded, together with his partner Dj Garen and established the production /remixing team of Liquid Project in late 2005. Utku will continue to release tracks both individually and with Dj Garen under Liquid Project. They will also develop new artists.

Utku Sonmez's Discography
Bad Boy, Botox, +18, Magic Armut, 12.5gr House Music, Hypnotic, The Capak, The Kowa, High Paradise, Hydrophobia, Transfix, Eternal Technology..

check out his mySpace www.myspace.com/utkusonmez