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    When I am not feeling the DnB sometimes I twiddle with house stuff. I bought a 2nd hand M-Audio midi keyboard the other day and I was messing around with some stuff trying to write some melodies and stuff. Came up with this thing, still needs a propper arangement, I just kept building parts for it. Does it sound any good? Could do with more less anywhere?

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    Hiya tewky,

    Well I am no house guru so take with a pinch of salt. Think the intro is too long, could be shortened quite a bit, I'd almost say the real tune starts at about 1.35 ? (like the bit before just not sure how it introduces the tune?). Really like that delayed sound that comes in at 2min in (what is it, guitar? nice!). You will no doubt get done by the house police for not going *boom* *chish* *boom* *chish*, i don't think breakbeats are allowed :) Like the synths overall very housey feel, especially like at 3.30ish ! Probably need to build a bit more to the breakdown to let people know its coming. Good work :)
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