Unquote - Reverberation Box LP


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Mar 27, 2007
A1) Reverberation Box
A2) Metro Dreaming
A3) Spectacle
A4) Dopamine
B1) Paint My Wings (Ft Grimm)
B2) Heavy Rain
B3) Cut Of The Past


October 2011 sees the return of Unquote, Med School’s celestial navigator from Saint Petersburg. Aiming to create music which is like “hearing the sound of your soul” Unquote sails the 140-170bpm spectrum and beyond. It’s no wonder he has received support from the likes of Annie Mac, BCee, Blu Mar Ten, Doc Scott, Loxy, D Bridge, Instra:mental, Tom Novy, Joe Syntax and more. *Opening the lid of Unquote’s “Reverberation Box” we enter a dream-like utopia filled with oceanic rhythms, organ tones, delicate beats and ethereal vocal snatches. The title track sets the tone for the album. *“Metro Dreaming” strips things back and slow the tempo down to 130bpm with swooning atmospherics, dreamy vocal and finely articulated chiming drum beats. “Spectacle” continues the narrative, with its encouraging applause, billowing instrumentals and clapping beats, alternated with more energetic passages. *Somnambulant pleasure cloud “Dopamine” epitomizes the Unquote sound with its heavy, hazy synths and lumbering dubstep swagger. Beats are coated in a cloud of polished, uplifting serenity with sparkling sunshine moments as the clouds part. Erstwhile, the quirky clip-clop beats and yearning vocals of “Paint My Wings (feat. Grimm)” add another dimension to the “Reverberation Box”. Warm, whirring subs and those classic sad-but-happy strings make this unequivocally Unquote. *Dubstep cut “Heavy Rain” kicks off with Burial-like crackling and mournful, cinematic strings. Desperate and dramatic and deeply compelling, the tune builds from here into a spectacular display of production skills with an epic soundscape that is quite astounding before we conclude with “Cut Off The Past”, which flits between melancholy bass-grinding fervour, bleepy 8-bit and crushing drum rolls. And so the lid of the “Reverberation Box” is shut and the album brought to a spectacular close. Teeth

:boobies: The antithesis to the student pap released on Hospital


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Mar 3, 2011
nice, is it a hospital release then? hopefully it'll go some way to restoring my faith in the label what with the c&k album round the corner


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Mar 30, 2009
St. Louis
Gonna be a big album, loving what I'm hearing on the SoundCloud previews. Nice blend of different styles.
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