Ultraviolet Kaleidoscope / Kaleidoscope remix

Some seriously funky business from the Ultraviolet crew with a bassline straight out of some smokey back room. This is joined by a suitably toe tapping beat and lacks only someone in a trilby snapping their fingers. The vocal is kind of reminiscent of Beth Gibbons of Portishead in delivery and compliments the tracks perfectly. They really sound quite coherently bandlike on this tune and I'm sure this would sound ace on a system. Some subtle organ based keys finish off the tracks song structure nicely.

The remix replaces the swingish beat with a fluid narration of filtered breaks pushing the track forward and getting people dancing. The keys are enhanced over the original and give it more edge and almost a vertiginous air. The bassline has also been subtly shifted around with some notes added and others removed but retains the hummability. I'm not sure exactly how these two tunes are going to be released but I'll keep you posted and keep your ears out in the meantime.