[UK] BLOC WEEKEND 14-16 March 2008: Return of the BLOC

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    BLOC is big and bold and bad and BACK

    The first lineup confirmations being leaked: BLOC 08 will be hosting 60+ artists, labels and crews including REPHLEX RECORDS [UK] and UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE [DETROIT]

    once again,

    The galaxy's premier underground electronic indoor jivefest breakdown is coiled up like a muscled panther ready to strike at the world's neck and face one more time.

    oh my God,

    BLOC is scheduled to take place within the palatial confines of Pontin's Holiday Park on the weekend of the 14-16th March 2008. Any attendees / devotees from 2007 's year zero event will know what to expect - three days of the baddest music on earth over three indoor arenas danced into the ground by two and a half thousand of quite the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

    on top of the world,

    BLOC takes place near Great Yarmouth, on the east coast of the UK. It is a unique festival because everyone attending is housed in their own holiday apartment for the three days of music. There's nothing like a few creature comforts to enhance the party. And BLOC now features extrabloc: the music will carry on into Sunday night and everyone attending can stay til Monday at no extra charge too.

    you knew that we'd be back,

    BLOC's website is now online, and more lineup announcements will be being made very, very shortly. Do take a second to visit our 2008 website at www.blocweekend.com


    here's to 2008.