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    Type-New Music is the first drum and bass label to be primarily based out of Miami, Florida. Type-New Music has contributed to local drum and bass community in the past by hosting free events showcasing well-known international artists, such as Unknown Error & Nightwalker. Additionally, Type-New Music has full production studio capabilities in a private recording facility located in Miami, Florida.

    For 2007, Type-New Music is aggressively hitting the drum and bass industry with several releases in the upcoming months from Nightbreed, Skyver & Djon, Notion & Devoe. Type-New Music also plans to host a series of events, including an event during the Winter Music Conference in March of 2007.

    Type-New Music's releases can be found most places where records are sold, or at any drum & bass online retailer. Type-New Music is distributed internationally by Nu-Urban music based out of the United Kingdom.

    For more information on where to obtain Type-New Music releases, please visit www.nu-urbanmusic.co.uk.

    For label and studio information, please visit:

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