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    News Update: July 2005

    Type-New Radio
    Alex M. broadcasts live from Miami every other Tuesday on UK's aftershock.com. Tune in for interviews, contests and more each week. We're kicking it off on July 05, 2005 with a straight mix, no interruptions. 7-9 EST 12-2 BST . On our off Tuesday's be sure to check out illectronic's show. DNB every Tuesday!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] www.aftershockradio.com

    Type-New Music Releases
    "Jawbreaker" by Alex M. & Rawtee and the "Jawbreaker Remix" from Zen will be releasing after the Summer. Check out our site where you can hear clips of the tunes and read our review published in URB Magazine. Type-New Music is being distributed by Nu-Urban Music.
    [​IMG] http://www.nu-urbanmusic.co.uk/

    July 16, 2005 Deerfield Beach (30 Mins North of Miami)
    TNM is hosting the drum and bass pavilion. This is going to be an afternoon filled with good music. Bring your bathing suits! Live Acts, Over 20 DJs, 5 Kegs, Food and bikinis.
    [​IMG] www.typenewmusic.com

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