Turt - Guest Mix for MrDUBandBASS

Was recently asked to do a drum and bass guest mix for MrDUBandBASS' youtube channel and here is the end result:

Konfict - Messiah
>>> Wickaman & RV - Evs Dead
Phace - Freedom Of Filth
Skeptical - Blue Eyes
Foreign Concept - Mob Justice (Enei Remix)
Rene LaVice - Headlock
Prolix and Dose - Serial Sinner
Sub Focus - Stomp
Neonlight - The Frozen Tape
Gridlok & Prolix - Tru Born Playa [ft. MC Fats]
Loadstar - Hit The Ground
Die & Break - Grand Funk Hustle
Emperor - Time To Play
Optiv & BTK - End Run
Spor - Aztec
D*Minds - I Am Bad [ft. Charlotte James] (Enei Remix)
Optiv & Maztec - Quarks
Emperor - Avenger
Fade & True Renegades - Plazma
Phace & Rockwell - No!
Mefjus - Far Too Close

Please like/comment/share if your feeling it, comments are appreciated!
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Been hiding only to appear with this FIRE !!!!
Mate big mixes, each track was blended so well with each and kinda roll off each other too, gotta respect you for that.
And seriously if i heard this out, id be going f**king mental.
The track selection was right up my street, even made 'Stomp' sound good, and im not a huge fan, it actually fit ontop on Serial Sinner really well with some of the vocal bits and the kicks so thought that was well smart.
Personally favourite mix was Aztec >> I am Bad
An great to hear a few tunes iv never heard before, and defo going to have to go buy 'Freedom Of Filth' had it in my head all day !
Massive mix serious !