Tunes for sale--New and old--Check em b4 they go to e-bay

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    Here is a list of recent releases followed by some classics. Pm me if there are any u want before I drop all of this on e-bay.


    Brockie & Ed Solo-Sleeping Giant/Piano Tune-[Undiluted]
    Digital & Spirit-Chinese Whispers/ Knight Rider- [Inneractive]
    Sonic-Falling/ Sunday Morning-[Space Rec]
    Mampi-Swift-Decepticons ep-Charge Recordings
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith-Junglist/ The Don-[Technique]
    Two Professionals-Flava 4 Raver/ Roll Out-[Times Two rec]
    Baron-Effortless Chic/School Disco-[Trouble On Vinyl]
    Dj Zinc-It’s Like That/ Music Of Yourself-[Frontline]
    Distorted Minds-Fight Club/Looking For Us VIP [D-Style Rec]
    Red One-Pitch Switch/Screwball-[Liftin Spirit}
    Unknown-March-Month Series-[Formation]
    Unknown-August-Month Series-[Formation]
    Unknown-September-Month Series-[Formation]
    A.I.-Hooked On/ 100%- [V Recordings]
    High Contrast Vs FSOL-Papa New Guinea rmx-[bootleg]
    Konsta-Flirt/ What I Need-[M.A.S.H]
    Brockie & Ed Solo-Aborigini Bass/ Bio-Plasma[Undiluted]
    Distorted Minds/Generation Dub-Warroirs rmx/Detonate Rmx-[Formation]
    Tech Itch-Pressure Drop/ Shadow Demons-[Penetration]
    D-Kay & Epsilon- Come Easy / Velvet-[Defunked]
    Sean Paul vs G2-Get Busy rmx/ Dub version-[Unknown]
    Digital & Spirit-Phantom Audio Ep-[Phantom Audio]
    Generation Dub-Ghost Busters/ Monster Sound-[Reformed]
    Strider-Tribalism / Beetle Juice-[Beatz]
    Sketch & Code/ Rascal & Klone-Sucker / Promises-[Emotif]
    Greg Packer Vs Delirium-Silence rmx-[Bootleg]
    Twisted Individual-Tooled Up Rmxs ep-[Formation]
    Kosheen vs Tech Itch-All In My Head VIP-[White]
    Omni Trio-Thru The Vibe (John B Rmx) / (2 On 1 rmx)-[Moving Shadow]
    Calibre-Just Fine EP-[Creative Source]
    Ray Keith Vs I & I-Ring A Ding/ Dub mix-[AK Rec]
    Tech Itch vs Kemal-The Calling/ Signal Trace-[Moving Shadow]
    Ink & Loxy feat D-Kay/ Loxy & Digital-Dancer/ Radiation[Outbreak]NOT RELEASED
    Loxy & Keaton-Judement Day Vip-/Resurrecton mix-[Xtinction Agenda]—2 copies
    Mathematics-Funhouse/ Brass Knuckles-[Frontline]
    Bad Company-Bullit Time/Womb-[BC UK]
    Ray Keith feat Navigator-No No / Do U Wanna Dance-[Dread]
    Calibre ,Zero Tolerance & Beta 2/ Hold Tight- Riverside/ Give it up-[Industry]
    A-Sides-Destroyer/ Brick City-[Hardleaders]
    Xample & Sol-Sonic Sleaze/ Limiter-[Hardleaders]
    Dj SS-S-Files rmxs pt 1-[Formation]
    Rawhill Kru-Mo’ Fire-Rawhill kru mix-/ Andy C vs Fresh rmx-[BC Rec]
    Architex feat Ayah-Dance Child- Funk Odyssey/ Dance Child
    Zero Tolerance & Beta 2-Rift/ High Tidez-[Skunkrock]
    Delta & Format-Gave U All The love/ Ultra-[Creative Source]
    Total Science-Chicken in A Basket/ Rolling Over-[Industry]
    V.A.-Jazz & BassV4 Pt 2 ep-[New Identity]
    Total Science vs Arthur Baker-Real Fuckin Noise rmx-[WHITE]
    Klute-Lie Cheat & Steal vol 1-[Commercial Suicide]
    Cruel Intentions-Chinese Water Torture/ Don’t Hold Back-[Outbreak ltd]
    Skynet-Daytona/ Logan’s Run-[Skynet]
    Ink & J Dub- The Beatz/ Nanotech-[Architecture]

    Old biz

    Tech Itch-Parallax ep-[Tech Itch]
    Biostasis-Gamma Ray/ Menace-[Tech Itch]
    Perfect Combination-Bring Back The Bongos EP-[Moving Shadow]
    Dieselboy vs Tech Itch-Atlantic State-/Scythe-[Tech Itch]
    Decoder-Two-Nine EP-[Tech Itch]
    Decoder & Substance-Gunk-Hide U-[BBC]
    Technical Itch-Immortal Soul-ep-[Tech Itch]
    Biostacis- Biotactics EP-[Tech Itch]
    Ryme Tyme-T-Minus/ Conga-[Moving Shadow]
    Deep Rooted-Wanton/ Tokyo-[Moving Shadow]
    Ink, Kemal & Rob Data-Unicron ep-[Architecture]
    V/A-Tech Itch, Dylan, B-Key- 20th Century Dust ep-[Biotic]
    Ink-The 7th Sigh/ The Power-[Cylon]
    V/A-The Hideaway ep-[Architecture]
    Dylan ,Loxy & B-Key-Stereotype/Timezone-[Cylon]
    Dylan & B-Key-Dub Era/ Timetravel-[Invader]
    Damage-Rapture/ Inside Of Me-[Invader]
    Illskillz-Amazon/ Disease-[X-Factor]
    Ink & JW-Warrior Charge/ Warfare-[Architecture]
    Damage-First Contact-/Dylan rmx-[Invader]
    Rekoil-Unreal/ Third Rail-[Outbreak]
    Dylan-Drama/ Burner-[Outbreak]
    Dylan & Loxy-End Of days/ Eclipse-[Cylon]
    Dylan-Dark skies/ The Enemy-[Cylon]
    Dylan & Loxy-Evolution/ The Temple-[Cylon]
    Dylan/ Dagga- Different Sensations/ Analouge Vision-[Industry]