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Nov 30, 2001
icq: 18222369
yahoo: dnb_sassy
aim: sassylevia

31 Records
31R009 Marcus Intalex How You Make Me Feel/Neptune
31R014 Marcus Intalex Love + Happiness/Dreamworld

Aphrodite Recordings
APH24 Amazon II King of the Beats/Music's Hypnotizing

Back 2 Basics
B2B12039 Apollo 13 Do It Again/Let It Roll
B2B12072R JB + DJ Spice Me Myself and I (Roni Size Mix)/Bye Bye

TMS001 TMS1 Vs Musical Scientist My Time is Now/Funky Show
TMS002 The Prisoner of Technology Rising to the top/Therapy Zone
TMS003 The Musical Scientist Vs The Kangaroo Kid Backshine/Something Special

BC Recordings
BCRUK001 Bad Company The Nine/Dogfight (Repress)

CHR14 Supply and Demand Pure and Simple/Freeze/Black Beat/Show Me

(double) (white)
CHR17 Supply and Demand Shining/Feel Alright/Love the one you're

with/Menace (double) (white)

CIA98003 Q Project Capricorn/Surface/Break
CIA99004 Q Project Champion Sound remixes
CIA99005 Wots My Code/Total Science Dublate(remix)/Breakfast Club

Dope Dragon
DD02 Mask Alright/Reese
DD003 Gang Related & Mask Oh My Gosh! (original mix/SS remix)
DD04 Gang Related & Mask Soldier/Bass is Rollin'
DDRAG05 3 The Hardway/Crazy Loops Lost Our Minds/Smooth Operator
DDRAG06 Gang Related Hostile/Big Time
DDRAG07 Gang Related & Mask Death Blow/Numbers
DDRAG08 Mask/Bigger Star One People/Raid
DDRAG10 Gang Related & Mask Suckers/Biters
DDRAG11 Gang Related & Mask Tear it Up/One Time
DDRAG12 Gang Related & Mask Concentration/Follow None
DDRAG13 Gang Related & Mask Dictation/Not Not
DDRAG15 Mask Square Off/Freedom
DDRAG16 Mask You Rang/Better World
DDRAG20 Various Gridlocked EP (double)
DDRAGLP01 Various Wayz of the Dragon LP (5 pack)

EBR016 Shy Fx Pandora's Box
EBRLP001 Shy FX The Formula EP (double)

FLEX12 L Double/Shy FX The Shit

FORM12067R Keen The Battle Frontier/123 (SS Remix)
FORM12086 Distorted Minds Snuff Baby/Loaded Jump (promo)
FORM12089 Twisted Individual Brain Leech/Fallopian Tube (promo)
FORM12091 Tungsten & Morph/Tekniq Paranormal/Hardlines

Fresh Kutt
FK001R Prisoners of Technology Trick Of Technology (remix)/Feeeeeel
FK002 Prisoners Of Technology True Born/Push Da Button
FK003 Prisoners Of Technology Battle Master/Total Control
FK004 Prisoners Of Technology Delikutt Beats/What Does it Mean
FK05 Prisoners Of Technology Tha Boogie/Breakdance (promo)
FK008 Prisoners Of Technology Mother Fuckin Real/The Flavour 98
FK009 Prisoners Of Technology Doomsday Boy/Unknown

Full Cycle
FCY005 Bill Riley The Chill/Future Funk
FCY008 Scorpio Turn Dance/Mellow Song
FCY009 Roni Size Brut Force/Secrets
FCY014 DJ Krust Soul In Motion/Going Nowhere
FCY015 DJ Suv Freebeat EP (double)
FCY16 DJ Die + DJ Suv Mankind/Music First
FCY018 Bill Riley Closing In EP (double pack) (white)
FCY019 DJ Die Clear Skyz/Reminisce
FCY020 Roni Size Snapshot/26 Bass
FCY021 DJ Die Drop Bear/Poison Ivy
FCY023 DJ Krust Kloakin Devices/Break Ya Neck
FCY025 DJ Die Jitta Bug/Running Out
FCY028 DJ Krust/Scorpio Kloakin Device(vocal mix)/26 Bass (special mix)
FCY031 DJ Suv Do You Remember Me/Lost Angel
FCY034 DJ Krust The Snapshot Remixes
FCY035 Kamanchi/DJ Die Hey DJ/Driver
FCY037 D-Product Crimes Against Technology/Certain Methods
FCY044 Roni Size Sound Advice/Keep Strong
FCY046 Roni Size Scrambled Eggs/Swings and Roundabouts
FCYLP002 Various Through The Eyes (white/promo)
FCYLP003 Various Through The Eyes Part 2

Ganja Records
GAN009 DJ Zinc Super Sharp Shooter/So Damn Fresh
GAN012 DJ Zinc On Fire Tonight/What Is It

Global Thang
GTR12014 DJ Zinc On Fire Tonight(remix)/Pink Panther(remix)

DB30 Capoeira Twins Lose Control (Proud Mongrel Cut/original mix/es dubs mix)

IND005 Davide Carbone Innocence

Intercom Recordings
ICOM003 60 Minute Man The Escape/Zero to Hero ( 2 copies, one release, 1 promo)
ICOM20 Tommy Knocker People All Around/Soul Running
ICOM23 60 Minute Man Closer/Fly Girls/Summertime/I Got The Love (double)


Intergral Recordings
integ002 G Money Falling/Timebomb


JOKER23 Dream Team Check The Teq?/Suka DJ
JOKER28 Special K + Dream Team Switch(remix)/Fight
JOKER26 Dream Team Clear My Throat/Punx
JOKER31 Dream Team Public Enemy/Different
JOKER36 The Scarecrow TuttiFruiti/Garbage
JOKER38 The Penguin 54321/Let the Bass Kick
JOKER39 The Joker Rewind/Co Rok Stuff

LEG006 Q Project Champion Sound (alliance remix)/Night Moves

LKR4 Special K Up Top/Get Original

COB247 Baby Fox Rain (DJ Krust remix)

MOSHKA05T Kosheen Hide U/Empty Skies
KOSHEEN006 Kosheen Catch (decoder remix)/Catch (Technical Itch remix)

MOVEP002 DJ Marky, Patife,Esom So tinha que ser com voce (2 mixes)

Moving Shadow
MSXEP014 Blame Music Takes you (John B/2 Bad mice remixes)

OUTB001 Dylan Voodoo Doll/Bitch (test press of only 50)

Phat Trax
PT04 Goodfellas Impact/Disorder
PTX15 Mode-M Manipulate/Kick Start (promo)

Philly Blunt
PB007 Firefox/Glamour Gold Bass Switch/Check Da Skills

PRO12 Trace Sonar/Sphere

Rap Records
RAP001 Glamour Gold The Only One

Rude And Deadly
RUDEAD007 Dope Jam Rok Da Funky Beats/Check the Method (remix) (promo)

Second Movement
SMR33 Threshold The Wire/Bias
SMR35 Locate Anxiety/Life
SMR38 Ultravibe The Swirl/Ratio
SMR39 DJ Asend/Beat Junkies Changes/Whats Up
SMR41 ? ? (promo)

Shut Up and Dance Music
SM003 Shut Up and Dance Bastards/Coca Cola

Smokers Inc
SINC1239 The Smokester Mantis/Narkotic

Talkin Loud
TLK0F Reprazent New Forms/(Krusts Wide Screen Version) (promo)
TKDJ108 4 Hero 9x9 (King Britt/Marcus Intalex remixes) (promo)
TLXX21 Reprazent Share the fall (GR remix)/New forms (Widescreen/Size

TLXX45 Reprazent Heroes Remixes
TLXX51 DJ Krust Coded Language (Roni Size remixes)
TLX21 Reprazent Share the Fall remixes
TLX61 Reprazent Who Told You/Out of the Game
534934 Reprazent New Forms LP Part 1 (4 pack)

Trouble On Vinyl
TOV12020 DJ Red Mad PLC (promo)
TOV12022 D-Bridge Bring Da Flava/Keep It Real
TOV12029 DJ Red/Maldini Engergize/Asylum
TOV12033 DJ Reality Methods/Descent

True Playaz
TPR12007 DJ Zinc Reach Out(remix)/Damn

V Recordings
V013 DJ Krust Guess/Maintain
V014 Roni Size Dayz/Box of Tricks
V015 DJ Die Play it for Me/Soul!!!
V016 DJ Krust Angles/Not Necessarily A Man
V018 DJ Die & DJ Suv Out Of Sight/Get On Down
V019 Roni Size Soul Power/Silent Partner
V021 DJ Die Special Treat/Something Special
V025 DJ Krust Warhead(steppa remix)/Check Dis Out
V027 Ray Keith Do It/The Reckoning
V028 DJ Suv DJ Suv EP (double)
V033 Various The Brazil EP
V034 Various The Flava EP (double)
V035 DJ Marky LK
VELP02 Various Planet V (8 Pack)

XL Recordings
XLT95 Breakbeat Era Breakbeat Era/Breakbeat Tera
XLT107 Breakbeat Era Ultra-Obscene/Our Disease Tera
XLT115 Breakbeat Era Bullitproof(remixes)/Terrible Funk(Krust remix)
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