Tunage Update 4 New Tracks


Ohm/C2D/Dark Asylum/Ennex
VIP Junglist
Ez people, been a little while since we posted some new bits, wanted to get a bit of a collection together and do a nice update. Some new signage and a VIP mix of a track from German label Steppasoundz and a nice collab too!

The 4 new tracks are:

Zeal & Litta - Faithful

Royce & Freesteppa - Galatica (Zeal & Litta VIP - Steppasoundz) Release date early 2010

Sleeper Cell, Zeal & Litta - Times up (Close 2 Death) To be released on an EP early 2010 which also features our tune New Dawn

Last but not least, Mammon. Some good support for this one, also in Axiom's latest Frightmare Mix

All tracks at the top of the player!

Enjoy it people, hope ya like it!


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