Track IDs desperately needed


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I'm desperatley looking to get hold of these tracks from my mixtape collection, I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me out here.
Right here are the clips, the year and DJ name are in the file
A rollin jumpup track from 1996, not got a clue who did this
Mixes out of Special Ks pressure roll, this one is sinister as fuck with a real fucked up quest style bassline and 2step beat
Sounds a lot like something on V / Full Cycle / Philly Blunt. Skipping breaks and some funky guitar chords and oddball noises
A real nice vocal bootleg with a hard as nails amen chop and very minimal bassline
This seems to have been quite a big tune, Beautiful surreal strings and a crisp hotpants break with some chipmunked vocal chops in there
Another nice one from gachet with a real nice piano hook that drops into hardstep later on in the track
A track with a fat break from bonita applebum (i think) with flava flav saying "all believers out there" and lots of other hiphop samples and a switching jumpup bassline.
Has a bit from the godfather soundtrack at the start, dropping into full on bouncy jumpup with more godfather samples later. A big tune, someone must know this one
That tune with the "wu tang martial expert, there's not many that can match up with him" sample and swooshes and kungfu sounds. Another big one!
A real wierd track, breakdown has some laser noises and a guy saying "ska" or "jah" and a real twisted trippy tune with a hiphop sample saying "gimme some of that funky shit"

Only ever heard this once, has a woman singing "round go round" or something like that with trumpets over it, then drops to biz markie saying "funky" (from just rhyming with biz) then into a nice funky shuffling rhythm
A nice track with the Dred bass and lots of heavyweight amen choppage

That's the lot, hope you guys can help me find these tunes!