Total Science/CIA 20 Years Interview

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    Brand new interview is up on MoS with Paul from Total Science:

    He says they have a lot of new releases coming out:

    Looking ahead for you guys, what’s in the pipeline for releases after this album?
    The album drops on Friday 24th June. Then we’ve got a Various Artists LP on Deep Kut which is the 3rd in a series we’ve done called Kuts Deep. That’s got tracks by Random Movement, Philth & Collette Warren, Concorde Dawn & Need For Mirrors, Chromatic and a new artist called In-Deed. Then we’ve got an EP from Nymfo coming out. He’s done a really good varied EP for us just covering all sorts of styles, we’re really happy with that! We’ve got a single from Phil Tangent and Need For Mirrors on Deep Kut. We’ve also got an EP still to get finished by Phaction.

    I noticed you guys tweeted a collab is in the works with OneMind aka DLR & Mako? How did that come about?
    That’s coming out on their Headz album. I heard a set from those guys the other week at a local club called The Black Swan, which was possibly the best set in the last 5 years that I’ve heard. It was probably 80% their OneMind stuff and the rest of the tracks a couple of old classics alongside some of their own solo tunes... It’s everything I love about Headz in one album, it’s very fresh but still reminiscent to the early 90’s sound... I haven’t heard anything like it!