Tonight on the Philly Element January 5th 2004

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    [philly element event & info for jan 5th 2004]


    First off happy freakking new years everyone i hope all is well, anyways
    we got a few things added to the site check it out
    we got some videos & some audio of some stuff we did over the holiday
    vacation, check em out. (some pretty funny stuff there) fawn taped a guy
    that worked at Wendy's fast food who isnt all with it and also our P:E
    techno god Ryan V explains us how a rock called him ? wtf (yeah i agree
    with u on that) ;)

    [TONIGHT ON THE SHOW] do not miss !!!

    this week we have some fresh beats from the GLR (good looking records)
    camp off the new Makoto double pack and a few new surprises from the Duo
    Infernale kru from Germany who are due to release "concrete jungle" from
    what i hear really soon !! so ill keep you all posted on that.. as for the
    show do not miss !! tonight we are going to make history and you have to
    be there to hear it and see it, you can do so by going to @ ten pm est with dj tags and you can also check out the
    cool dnbtv sponsored webcam by logging onto and
    clicking on live tv (during the show) tonight is gonna be a HUGE blast and
    2004 will be another year as bassdrive & philly element bring you the
    absolute best in drum and bass for another FULL year of insane drunken
    mayhem !!


    be sure to register on our forums and voting for the top 5 at ten 55 u can
    get to our forums by going to and follow
    the relative links. i hope that this email was informative and gives you
    the knowledge and wisdom you need to survive

    thank you and i hope everyone had a much well rested vacation
    Philly Element Promotion kru 2004 babey