Tips for recording your mixes to PC


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Feb 10, 2009
I am using audacity on my laptop with a RCA to 3.5mm jack lead connected to my laptop and Rec outputs on the back of my amplifier but the recording always sounds distorted!
The only way I get a clearer recording is to turn the volume up on the amp and have it low on my mixer with minimum bass but I need to feel the music when I'm playing :lol:
Any suggestions to help me or am I going wrong somewhere???
I'd like to put some of my mixes up.
Two things to check...

1. Record with your laptop unplugged to the mains, this can cause feedback/distortion for whatever reason.

2. Mute the mic input on ya laptop before you record if you have one.
Thanks for the tips people! I did first try mixer connected to laptop but I needed volume very low. I will try a recording at the weekend.
yeah connect it up to the mixer not the amp. And adjust the gains on the mixer and the input volume on audacity so that the levels are just right and the sound isnt distorted. If the levels are going into the red on the mixer than thatll be bad too. Make sure that when u record u have the EQ centred and dont boost and of the levels and make sure any mic u mght have plugged into the mixer is off?
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