Tidy Weekender 14v2.0 - Lineup Announced

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    Tidy Weekender 14 v2.0......your choices unveiled

    After weeks of speculation and anticipation TidyHQ release the hottest Weekender line up to date with people voting in their thousands, the line-up has been shaped by the choices of the voting public and now the stage has been set for the most awesome of 3 day parties to commence.

    Delivering a unique blend of old and new talent with some exclusive brand new live acts mixed with the now legendary Tidy atmosphere and production, this event surely rubbishes any claims some sections of the dance press have to make about harder music. With more music and more new talent than ever before, Tidy truely wipe the slate clean and prepare for Tidy Weekender 14v2.0.

    Friday night's 'It'll be all white on the night' unveils Tidy's blank canvas ready for no less than 63hrs non-stop aural and visual pleasure....with massive explosions of colour and using the latest video technology wearing white will ensure you become a part of the show! No fewer than 6 artists make their full weekender debuts lining up alongside some of the country's finest Hard House talent and best International artistes available. Not forgetting everybody's favourite Hard House DJ's now legendary Welcome to the Weekender Intro...

    With the first of 2 after parties on the Saturday morning, Tidy pays homage to the original early morning club 'Insomniacz' coaxing Jez & Charlie and Mark Gray out of retirement for this exclusive party. Original resident Paul Glazby is even dusting off his 12 inches ready for his first of 2 closing sets.

    'Saturday Night Live' hosted by the Tidy Boys features some of Hard Dance's finest producers showcasing their talents, this unique musical and artistic performance is set to silence even the harshest cynic. Introducing brand new acts from Rob Tissera v Quake LIVE, Phil York as Bootek, and this time sees the return of the real A+D+A+M Lab4. Local Welsh talent Cally & Juice round off proceedings with 90minutes of unadulterated Dex n Fx wizardry.

    After setting the benchmark for the Tidy after party, Ed Real has invited Scott Attrill aka Vinylgroover, Superfast Oz, Phil Reynolds and rising star Olly Perris to make sure this becomes a regular feature in the weekender calendar.

    Make sure you have left plenty in reserve for Sunday night as Tidy pays tribute to Tony De Vit marking the tenth anniversary of his untimely passing with Trade Legend Ian M and then as chosen by you, Paul Glazby closes the best weekend of your life in the way only he knows how....

    With the Queen Vic Special Guests and Daytime antics still to be announced, you know it's only going to get better!

    Tidy probably the best Weekend you'll ever choose.


    Friday Night
    Arena 1
    Tidy Boys // Organ Donors
    Stimulant DJ's // Kutski //
    JP & Jukesy // Barely Legal
    MDA & Spherical
    Matt Pickup & Andy Rise

    Arena 2
    Lady Dana // Zany // Kym Ayres
    Jason Cortez // Lee Pasch
    Frisky // Shaun M

    Arena 3
    Tranzaction All Stars
    Charlie G, Avaline, Tommy Quick
    Garbo v Daley (Storm)
    Steve O'Brady (Parlez-vous?)
    Jason Blayde (Summit)
    Andy Richmond (The Vault, Dublin)
    Danny Burch (Pams House)
    Scott Fo-Shaw (Storm)

    Paul Glazby (Insomniacz Classics)
    Ilogik // Simon Eve
    Jez & Charlie
    Mark Gray

    Saturday Night
    Arena 1
    Saturday Night LIVE hosted by
    The Tidy Boys featuring…
    K90 LIVE // Paul Maddox LIVE
    Cally & Juice with MC Shocker
    (Dex n Fx Showcase)
    Sam Hudson & Nick 'Bongo' Fisher

    and introducing…
    Rob Tissera v Quake LIVE
    A+D+A+M Lab4
    Bootek (4 deck showcase)

    Arena 2
    Mark EG // Cally Gage
    Karim (Producers Set)
    Justin Bourne // Ben Stevens
    Rodi Style // Morgan // Jon BW

    Arena 3
    Mark EG // Alex Calver
    Ali Wilson // Clewz

    Scott Attrill aka Vinylgroover
    Ed Real // Superfast Oz
    Phil Reynolds
    Olly Perris

    Sunday Night
    Arena 1
    Lisa Pin-Up
    Ian M (TDV Tribute Set)
    Paul Glazby // Amber D
    Tidy DJ's

    Arena 2
    Andy Farley (Classic Nukleuz set)
    Velos // The Colonel

    Arena 3
    Dean H

    Tidy Weekender 14 v2.0
    Pontins, Prestatyn
    Barkby Avenue, Prestatyn LL19 7LA
    7th, 8th, 9th March 2008

    For More info Visit http://www.tidyweekender.com
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