This style of bass?


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Hello there, sorry if there's already a lot of "how do i make this" threads (and I couldn't find anything similar in the "How to bassline" thread), but I'm just so desperate
to find out what sort of creation and processing you have to go through to make this kind of stabby, dark and gritty
sound of the bassline found in these tracks:

The thing is I really wanna try to capture that "dark" and "badass" feeling of the bass.
Is it a resampled reese or something else?
I'm really thankful for any kind of help.
I'll try and help you out a bit pal.
First drag one of them into your DAW, let's say the Bassnectar and The Upbeats one.
Then get some drum samples and layer them on to where each corresponding drum hit is on the track from the drop (or from whatever part you want to try and recreate) So now you have the drum pattern but what we're interested in is the bassline, so we make a midi channel and open a vst synth like massive or whatever. Now every hit of the bass in the song is on a note and you need to place that note in the midi channel at the right moment it hits and for the same duration of those in the song, so that we manage the same melody.
At this point we can start trying to recreate the bass, if you have any idea of basses you'll be able to make a basic dark sounding hit, keeping in mind that these particular ones have a short attack and decay (basically just a hit) And just go molding it to something similar to that of the song.
After you've got something you like get some fx up in there with some Eq's and stuff and then you can resample it a few times to make it darker/harder perhaps...
I don't think its a reese, it sounds just like a bass playing to a simple hit-bassed melody.
This may not be very helpful but maybe it'll get you on your way to making something like that!


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yeah i don't think it's a reese either, sounds like there might be some chorus or unison on there but it doesn't really sound detuned. LFO's with a sawtooth shape, and choosing the right waveforms are key here. Obviously subtle distortion techniques as well.