The Untouchables & The Last Hero (Savage Cannibals EP) Extent V.I.P Recs


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Extent V.I.P are proud to present to you the Savage Cannibals EP featuring The Untouchables & The Last Hero with four intense tracks full up with some serious tribal dub ,mixed up with drum & bass elements ,every track in this release has been produced to a very high standard with plenty going on from mysterious atmo’s and sub low basses with plenty of unusual flows of thrilling sounds that more than compliment…, with a touch of that eastern feel that mesmerises you even more into the deepness.
For those who know what to expect from The Untouchables will already know they really are not to be taken lightly as this duo from out of Belgium also known as Dj Kay & Dj Nitrox are storming through the scene with some outstanding music and is taking the tribal dub side of things to a whole new level and certainly leading the way in what they do ,also with lots of released and forthcoming tracks on labels such as Renegade Hardware - 457 - Cylon - Alphacut - Voodoo - Translation - Tribe 12 - Convict Digital - Totaal Rez - Vampire & more ,combined with a fresh artist to the scene who sure is making his mark is The Last Hero who recently had a release out with Extent on the Demon Breakz EP witch had a pleasing response ,The Last Hero has contributed with a couple of interesting tracks one being on a deeper level and the other being a full on roller that finalizes this EP nicely ,The Last Hero has releases and forthcoming releases with Architecture Dubkraft Records - Danger Chamber Digital - Lifestyle - Point Audio - In Da Jungle Recordings - Non Human .

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