DnB The Union Podcast Thread


Unknown Junglist Soilder
Dec 29, 2006
It's been quite some time since I posted anything on any forums anywhere, so here we go. From my monthly podcast series called The Union featuring techno one month then drum and bass the next. enjoy

  1. Raiden/Meth: The Bob Nudd Project
  2. Lethal/Smile: Kubex
  3. Raiden/Meth: The John Wilson Project
  4. The Sect: Equinox
  5. A.P. Boland: Machine Head
  6. Steel Swatter: Quantum
  7. Steel Swatter: Pure Panic (Feat. Kristina Krizz)
  8. Konstructor: Raiden Why
  9. Raiden: Scum On The Run (Optiv RMX (R.I.P))
  10. Raiden: La Luna+RM Bleeps (Revolt RMX)
  11. Malsum: Ask For 98
  12. Proket: Locomotive
  13. The Dying Punks: Love Your Robots
  14. Absurd: SU-47
  15. Konstructor: Connector
  16. Blast: Hopeless
  17. Dyslexia: Fracture
  18. Evol Intent/Ewun/Dieselboy: Mightnight Express (TBT Remix)
  19. Dyslexia: Validol
  20. Saintone: Atomachine
  21. DJ E: Funkopolitan (Section 63 RMX)
  22. Absurd: Sativa
  23. Coresplittaz: Vacume
  24. Counterstrike: Scorch The Sky


Unknown Junglist Soilder
Dec 29, 2006
New podcast up and running.

Track List:

  1. Amex/Pylon: Mass Market
  2. Axiom: All The Hate
  3. Allied: The Furyan
  4. Saintone: Ghost In The Hell
  5. Section 63: The Bleeps
  6. The Sect: Mind As Machine
  7. Blast: Sleepwalkers
  8. Blast: Space Cowboys
  9. Sinecore/Peter Kurten: Virulence
  10. Dyslexia: Alarm
  11. Dyslexia: Goner
  12. Yabol: The Lawnmover Man
  13. Stereotype: D.M.O.T.A.S. (VIP)
  14. Bowser: Isozid (VIP)
  15. Zed/Peter Kurten: Nphonix (Amex Remix)
  16. Recall: Fast3
  17. Pylon/Stonerice: Into Your Mind (Section 63 Remix)
  18. FuckoffCyufitech: Epicc
  19. Konstructor: Accrection
  20. Raiden: Peloton
  21. Lethal: GBH
  22. Axiom: She's Dead
  23. Hallucinator/Counterstrike: Don't Feel The Same


Unknown Junglist Soilder
Dec 29, 2006

Swinlok has been holding it down for the technoid dnb underground since the days of Brain Trauma Recordings with monster tracks such as Crack Rock/Space Invaderz all the way up to the banging classic Abduction remixed by Proton Kid on Ex Machina Recordings. This is the first featured mix of this podcast series enjoy share and have fun.

From Swinlok:

20 of my best past DnB tracks mixed for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

  1. Extort
  2. Dive Bombers
  3. Caliber
  4. War Boy
  5. Consume
  6. Factory
  7. Insurgence
  8. Damage Cycler
  9. Thermal
  10. Corprus
  11. Mk XXXIV
  12. Murderbeat
  13. Ethereal
  14. Holy Fuck!
  15. Space Invaderz
  16. Abduction
  17. Station 32
  18. Mind Mapping
  19. Death Korps
  20. Fallacy
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