Drum & Bass The Trip released.


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Hey guys. Some of you might've seen me around, most of you didnt. For a few months i worked on my first drum and bass album, and now i am glad to announce that is released. The album is called "The trip". Every album, everything in fact, has a story behind. So does The Trip.
A while ago an idea about life came to me. How can we talk about life transposed to music? Why not drum and bass life story? So The Trip project started. Has 11 tracks, each track has his own story. The beginning made in 2 parts means the birth..followed by a road with good and bad..with friends and enemies, sickness and not only, making an ending with the track "Blackout"...which means the death. Bellow you can find the whole album and if you think it deserves a link where you can buy it aswell.

To go to the next track just skip to the end of the current track and it will start automatically(its set link)
You can buy it if you like here: http://copyleftofficial.bandcamp.com/album/the-trip