The Old School Sound Revival 2000 - 2002


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Sep 21, 2003
This is a 30 minute mix I did to showcase a very few of my favourite tunes from around 9-10 years ago. Artists such as Total Science and Digital were leading a sound which moved away from massive reese basslines and the tech-step vibe, toward a stripped back jungle - sound, with loads of old skool samples and proper syncopation on the breaks.

The best known and loved tune of this revival is undoubtedly the Total Science remix of Dubplate, which was originally done by Wots My Code in 1993.

I threw in a Sonic & Silver tune from 2004, more neurofunk, just to break it up a bit.
If you like let me know and I'll do a few more, plenty of awesome tunes to choose from in this era.


30 mins

Shine - Loxy & Ink - 2002
Nightmare (Digital Remix) - Dylan & Loxy - 2001
Murder Thing - Total Science - 2000
The Russian - Sonic & Silver - 2004
Meathook - Fon (2) - 2002
Spacefunk 2000 (Nasty Habits Remix) - Digital - 2001

You can also check my blog Daze of Reality for more mixes

Lastly, big up your bulletproof vest.
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