The Kmag Radio show tonight 8pm-10m on life fm sick competion prize!!

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    Are you ready for another installment in the much loved and respected KMag radio show? Are you willing to surrender your sanity for the sake of the best D&B, hip hop, breaks and dubstep the world has to offer? Then bust out the white coat, enter the padded room and check out at 8pm Thursday 14th June to get a healthy dose of the best meds in town.

    Once again Dr Khan will be threading together the finest beats known to man to really tickle your pickle. You’ll be too delirious in bass heaven and breakbeat valhalla to notice how fast time flies. Trust him…he’s a doctor! He’ll be rinsing all manner of fresh dubs, promos, and white labels...basically having access to all the forthcoming tunes that are going to be giving you the horn on the dancefloor in the near future. Besides our resident “lab technician” doing his thing we’ll have a guest mix from the rude bwoy Lynx who’ll be droppin his own beats from the likes of Creative Source and Bassbin plus whatever else takes his fancy. We will also try to fatten you up with the lowdown on future releases and gigs as well listen to exclusive dub plates. Add the ‘Producer’s Corner and the ‘Tune From The Vault’ into the mix and you might one day see the outside world again.

    For this months competition we have hooked up some serious gold. If you want to get your grubby little mitts on an dope Samsung TV and Xbox 360 then head over to and check out the competition section. All the full details on how to enter are also on the Life FM website. If you don’t know, now you know.

    Oh and one last thing: any aspiring producers out there who want to get some air play this is your chance…this is open to unsigned artists only, so if that’s you AIM your stuff over to saraknowledge and if she’s feeling your vibe you might just have made your first step towards the giddy heights of superstardom.

    So make note of the vital stats:, Thursday 14th June, 8 – 10pm, The KMag Show. No excuses…you have been warned!

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