The King of the Jungle

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    Once upon a time it would have been thought impossible to replace a guitar and a rock-star with electronic music and an MC. That one day, Jungle music would be the fastest growing music of a generation, growing so rapidly it would one day dominate the music scene and stretch boundaries of sound to new levels. No one would have been able to imagine a single culture moving to the same beat.

    Imagine this: you stand among a sea of thousands whose flames are ignited. You have the crowd in your hands as they stand head to head, soul to soul to feel the fever of the vibe. Their movements inspire you to push the boundaries of your sound even further. You have the power in your fingertips to inspire a warehouse of groovers to put away their inhibitions, their fears and problems for just one night. Who are you? You are the DJ. You are the king of the tracks....

    The King of the Jungle