Drum & Bass the jeremy kyle dnb remix competition 2013

The Jeremy kyle dnb remix competition 2013
remixes have to contain audio from an episode of Jeremy kyle
all remixes have to be posted in this thread to be entered into the competition
remixes will be judged on
1 .production quality
2 .comedy value
3 .views and or plays
4 .the feed back they receive on hear
Trisha and jerry springer sample can be incorporated
into remixes but will become void if not used in conjunction
with a original Jeremy Kyle sample/samples
any one found using sample from Montel or Rikki lake
will be banned from the competition and denied the right to a dna test or lie detector
first prize is a month in rehab and runners up will both receive dna test lie detectors and a Jeremy kyle cup
please remix responsibly djs are required to get out there nut on entering comp
mcs are asked to shut up n producers will locked in the studio at random
maury is a cunt a should not be involved in this competition(cunt)
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